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Your Men's Tights Questions

Tights and Leggings for men.

Spandex Tights for men

Do you love men's tights? Are you thinking about wearing tights out on the town or maybe to your gym to workout in. We are love wearing men's tights all the time and we can help you make the right choice as to style, pouch design, fabric and cut. We are here to answer our questions, listen to your suggestions and guide you into the world of men's spandex tights.


Men’s Spandex Tights Give Amazing Comfort

I have been wearing men’s spandex tights for a few years now and I love every second that I have them on my body. I have always had an issue with wearing pants of any kind because they always seemed to be too itchy for me. Even while I was working, I would constantly be trying to scratch my legs because of the way the material felt against my skin. On the other hand, once I found out about these amazing men’s spandex tights I have not had a single issue such as that. I can go about my day without being bothered by the material of my pants and that means I am more focused on what I am doing. I even tried changing the material of the pants I wear and the laundry soap that I was washing them in without any hope. But with these tights on under my pants, I can be free to live my life the way I have always wanted. That alone is good enough for me, but they are also amazing even when I am wearing nothing else except my tights.

Don’t Just Use Workout Tights for Working Out

I know that my workout tights offend people around me and I am okay with that. I should probably only wear them to the gym or around the house, but they are so comfortable that I simply can't do that. I want to wear them out to the store and to the office every chance I get. Personally, I do not see why I should not be allowed to do that. If I can watch young men walking around with their jeans hanging off their asses and showing their boxers, then I should be allowed to walk around in my tights without any issues.

I initially bought my workout tights specifically for wearing to the gym and did so for the first year. I would change into my regular clothes before leaving the gym and that was the end of it. But I was running late one day and walked out wearing them. It seemed like my life changed at that exact moment. I found out that this is probably one of the most comfortable things to wear out in public ever and I never wanted to take them off. I had some issues with getting my boss to understand that but, overall, he did and now I can wear them to work as well.

If you are ever planning on wearing your workout tights to work, you should probably prepare yourself for the looks you are going to get. Most people are not going to understand why a guy would want to wear something like this and there is a very good chance that your sexuality will come into question. I did not let any of that stop me from being comfortable, though, and I am glad that I stood up for myself. I really do not care if no one likes what I am wearing as long as I am happy with the choices I have made in my life, and I am a very happy man right now because of my tights.

Feeling Sexy in Workout Tights

Are you aware that there are workout tights for men as well as women? If this is your first time hearing about them, you are in for a very pleasurable surprise. In the past, nearly everyone believed that tights, workout styles or others, were only for women. Females loved tights for many reasons from the very beginning. Tights were worn to workout in, practicing in dance class, and underneath slacks or jeans during cold temperatures to keep their legs toasty warm. Women loved these things! They especially loved that they could wear them underneath short skirts or, in later years, pair them with long shirts. There are so many ways that women could find to wear tights.

Finally, it became the time for men to sample workout tights for themselves. It is not clear exactly who or when this idea came about, but it is safe to say that all it took was wearing these tights to convert someone. Men now started to pay attention to tights and began to wonder what they could do for them. Gradually, men began to experiment with these tights in an intimate setting. They did want to be seen in an open venue such as the gym, where other men would see him and make fun of them. He could not have been more wrong. While his gym mates might have a laugh on him for wearing tights, he was the one with the last laugh. It seems that these wearing these tights for a workout was the best idea ever. He stayed comfortable whether the weather was the hot or cold.

The last thing to mention about workout tights is that they tend to make guys feel sexier when they are wearing them. This particular clothing item works great for men who have amazingly sexy legs as the tights tend to show off those finely shaped calves. Those men have taken to wearing tights out in the public with only an oversized shirt or sweater. The tights can also be paired with virtually any type of footwear, although some sexy boots might really set off your overall ensemble.